Our comprehensive content melds international procedures with cockpit resource management concepts and aircraft performance considerations, into a truly worthwhile learning experience that emphasizes proactive execution over rote recitation.

Live Training

As of January 2018, Air Training International no longer provides in-person instruction.  If you would like more information about our Video-on-Demand Web-Site Training option, please click here.

If you or your team are best served by live, instructor led classes, we are happy to present our newest partner in International Procedures Training. We have partnered with Mitch Launius of 30 West IP to provide in-person instruction that upholds the pracital application and thorough instruction you have come to expect from Air Training International.

30 West IP
On-Demand Web-Site Training
Our web-site training is available 24/7/365, anywhere high-speed internet access is available. Within hours of requesting our online course, your flight department can begin their Initial or Recurrent Training and complete the selected modules at their own pace.
Our Initial syllabus is derived from FAA Order 8900.1 Vol. 4 Ch. 12's recommended syllabus for International Flight Operations.

We offer the ability to select from our extensive listing of modules to customize your recurrent training to your flight operations (just select a minimum of 6.5 hours of material to receive recurrent completion documentation). For your convenience, we have also compiled a Standard Recurrent class that covers the most commonly requested modules of training.
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