Our comprehensive content melds international procedures with cockpit resource management concepts and aircraft performance considerations, into a truly worthwhile learning experience that emphasizes proactive execution over rote recitation.

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Air Training International was the first to offer video-on-demand training in 2007.  Since then, we have continued to develop, expand and improve our web-site training offerings.  Click here to complete a form to register for our web-site training.
Here you can select from the dropdown and click "Show" to view our Standard Recurrent Syllabus, Initial Syllabus or view all of the modules of training we offer.

Introduction, FAA and ICAO-recurrent (37 minutes)
  • Resources
  • FAA Rules and Regulations
  • ICAO Rules and Regulations
  • ICAO Flight Plan

Atlantic Operations-recurrent (53 minutes)
  • Oceanic Control Areas
  • Flight Planning
  • Master Document
  • Routing
  • Procedures
  • Conditional Clearances
  • NAT High Level Airspace

Communication-recurrent (25 minutes)
  • Very High Frequency Radio
  • High Frequency Radio and SELCAL
  • Satellite Voice
  • ATS Inter-facility Data Communication
  • Link 2000+ CPDLC
  • Oceanic Clearances
  • Mandates

Contingency Procedures-recurrent (60 minutes)
  • General Oceanic Procedures
  • Weather Deviation Procedures
  • Procedures Specific to the North Atlantic Region
  • Procedures Specific to the Pacific Region

Equal Time Points-recurrent (21 minutes)
  • Define an equal time point
  • Factors Effecting ETPs
  • Applying equal time point information in decision making
  • Discuss Policy Guiding Remote Operations

European Operations-recurrent (30 minutes)
  • CNS Requirements and Mandates
  • Flight Planning and SLOT Times
  • Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA)

Navigation-recurrent (23 minutes)
  • Performance Based Navigation
    • Define
    • RNAV vs. RNP
    • GNSS
    • Reduced Separation
    • Future of PBN

Pacific Operations-recurrent (30 minutes)
  • North Pacific Route Structure (NOPAC)
  • Central East Pacific Route Structure (CEPAC)
  • Pacific Organized Track System (PACOTS)

PANS OPS Review-recurrent (30 minutes)
  • ICAO 8168 and Guidance Material
  • Procedures Turns
  • Circling Approaches
  • Constant Descent Final Approach Procedures
  • Obstacle Clearance Altitudes Effect on Minimums

PBCS (22 minutes)
  • Overview of the ICAO Performance Based Communication Surveillance (PBCS) program
  • Based on ICAO Document 9869 (PBCS Manual) and FAA AC 90-117
  • Use of a latency timer

Required Navigation Performance (47 minutes)
  • Definition
  • Implementation
  • Equipage Requirements
  • Knowledge Requirements
  • Preflight
  • Inflight
  • GPS Performance Prediction

RNP 1 (7 minutes)
  • Aircraft and system requirements for RNP Terminal Operations
RNP system performance, monitoring and alerting

  • Special characteristics of RNP 1 operations

  • Systems eligibility and approval

  • Operational approval

  • Operational considerations

**Must select Required Navigation Performance module in conjunction with this RNP 1 module.

RNP 10 (7 minutes)
  • Aircraft and system requirements
  • Aircraft eligibility
  • Route evaluation for RNP 10 time limits for aircraft equipped only with INS
  • Operational approval
  • Operational considerations

RNP 2 (6 minutes)
  • Aircraft and system requirements for RNP 2 operations
  • Oceanic and remote continental/RNP 2 domestic and offshore operations
  • System performance, monitoring and alerting
  • Aircraft eligibility
  • Operational requirements
  • Operational considerations

**Must select Required Navigation Performance module in conjunction with this RNP 2 module.

RNP 4 (9 minutes)
  • Aircraft and system requirements
  • System performance, monitoring and alerting
  • Aircraft eligibility
  • Operational requirements
  • Operational considerations

RNP, Advanced (8 minutes)
  • Application of A-RNP
  • Aircraft and system requirements
  • RNP scalability
  • Operational approval
  • Operational considerations
  • A-RNP aircrew training

**Must select Required Navigation Performance module in conjunction with this RNP, Advanced module.

RVSM Airspace-recurrent (42 minutes)
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Height Monitoring
  • TCAS II Operation above Flight Level 290
  • US Domestic Implementation
  • Contingency Procedures

Surveillance-recurrent (23 minutes)
  • Radar
  • ADS-C
  • ADS-B
  • Mandates
On-Demand Web-Site Training
Our web-site training is available 24/7/365, anywhere high-speed internet access is available. Within hours of requesting our online course, your flight department can begin their Initial or Recurrent Training and complete the selected modules at their own pace.
Our Initial syllabus is derived from FAA Order 8900.1 Vol. 4 Ch. 12's recommended syllabus for International Flight Operations.

We offer the ability to select from our extensive listing of modules to customize your recurrent training to your flight operations (just select a minimum of 6.5 hours of material to receive recurrent completion documentation). For your convenience, we have also compiled a Standard Recurrent class that covers the most commonly requested modules of training.
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