Our comprehensive content melds international procedures with cockpit resource management concepts and aircraft performance considerations, into a truly worthwhile learning experience that emphasizes proactive execution over rote recitation.

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Air Training International was the first to offer video-on-demand training in 2007.  Since then, we have continued to develop, expand and improve our web-site training offerings.  Click here to complete a form to register for our web-site training.
Here you can select from the dropdown and click "Show" to view our Standard Recurrent Syllabus, Initial Syllabus or view all of the modules of training we offer.

Basic Area Navigation (16 minutes)
  • European implementation
  • Requirements for operation
  • Advisory Circular 90-96A
  • Operational Procedures
  • Knowledge Requirements

Communication and Navigation Equipment (44 minutes)
  • Communication
  • Navigation
  • Flight Management Systems
  • Limitations/Requirements

Contingencies (77 minutes)
  • General Oceanic Procedures
  • Procedures specific to the North Atlantic Region
  • Procedures specific to the Pacific Region
  • Weather Deviation Procedures
  • ICAO Lost Communications Procedures
  • RVSM

Customs (30 minutes)
  • Entry and Exit Requirements
    • Documentation
    • ICAO Rules and Regulations
    • US Customs and Immigration
    • Airport Designations
    • Overflight Exemptions

Equal Time Points, Wet Footprints and Point of Safe Return (76 minutes)
  • Define an equal time point
  • Computing an equal time point
  • Computing an off-route equal time point
  • Applying equal time point information in decision making
  • Define a wet foot print
  • Discuss issues associated with possible operation with a wet foot print
  • Define a point of safe return
  • Compute a point of safe return
  • Application of point of safe return in decision making

European Operations (92 minutes)
  • SLOT Times
  • Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft
  • Phraseology
  • Basic RNAV
  • Precision RNAV
    (Includes the BRNAV and PRNAV modules)

FAA and ICAO Rules, Regulations, and Procedures (61 minutes)
  • ICAO
    • 96 Articles to the Chicago Convention
    • Standards and Recommended Practices
    • Procedures for Air Navigation Services
    • Regional Supplementary Procedures
  • Country Aeronautical Information Publications
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • FAA Inspector's Handbook 8900.1

NAT High Level Airspace (13 minutes)
  • Definition
  • Requirements

Navigation Log Preparation (38 minutes)
  • Review the use of tools needed to complete a navigation log
  • Develop a navigation log

North Atlantic Operations (158 minutes)
  • Airspace organization
  • Routing Systems
  • Communications
  • Oceanic Crossing Clearances
  • Western Atlantic Route Structure (WATRS)
  • North Atlantic High Level Airspace (NAT HLA)

Oceanic Airspace Structure (43 minutes)
  • Acceptable Level of Safety
  • Separation Definitions
  • Separation standards
  • North Atlantic Separations
  • Pacific Separation
  • Oceanic crossing clearances and establishing separation
  • Ramifications involving the loss of separation
  • Error definitions
  • Error reports
  • Scrutiny and Investigation
  • Possible actions

Pacific Operations (83 minutes)
  • North Pacific Route Structure (NOPAC)
  • Central East Pacific Route Structure (CEPAC)
  • Airport Availability
  • Pacific Organized Track System (PACOTS)
  • Includes RNAV-10

PANS - OPS Procedures (159 minutes)
  • Obstacle clearance
  • Takeoff segment
  • Departure Procedures
  • Holding Procedures
  • Instrument Approach Procedure
  • Approach Review

Performance Based Navigation (24 minutes)
  • ICAO Documents 9613
  • Differences between RNAV and RNP
  • Harmonization of specifications

Precision Area Navigation (PRNAV) (51 minutes)
  • European implementation
  • Requirements for operation
  • Advisory Circular 90-96A
  • Operational Procedures
  • Knowledge Requirements

RNAV 10 (RNP 10 Label) (15 minutes)
  • Definition
  • Requirements
  • Operating Limitations

RNP-4 (21 minutes)
  • Definition of the RNP-4 Navigation Specification
  • Standard operating procedures and knowledge requirements, to include:
    • Flight planning
    • Preflight procedures at the aircraft
    • En-route procedures
  • Contingency procedures
  • Approval requirements
  • Removal of operating approval

Route Analysis (39 minutes)
  • Flight Planning the Route
  • Air Traffic Clearances
  • Oceanic Operations
  • Domestic Operations
  • Airport Analysis

RVSM Airspace (42 minutes)
  • Definition
  • Requirements
  • Appendix G to Part 91
  • Appendix B to AC 91-85A
  • Appendix C to AC 91-85A
  • US Domestic Implementation
  • TCAS II Operation above Flight Level 290

The ICAO Fight Plan (36 minutes)
  • Proper Completion
  • Updating the Service Provider
On-Demand Web-Site Training
Our web-site training is available 24/7/365, anywhere high-speed internet access is available. Within hours of requesting our online course, your flight department can begin their Initial or Recurrent Training and complete the selected modules at their own pace.
Our Initial syllabus is derived from FAA Order 8900.1 Vol. 4 Ch. 12's recommended syllabus for International Flight Operations.

We offer the ability to select from our extensive listing of modules to customize your recurrent training to your flight operations (just select a minimum of 6.5 hours of material to receive recurrent completion documentation). For your convenience, we have also compiled a Standard Recurrent class that covers the most commonly requested modules of training.
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